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Hello, thank you for visiting PsoriasisEczemaUK. The creams available here are a natural non-steroid plant based alternative. After years of continued research, trying many products on the market, I am passing on the knowledge of the products that have actually worked for me, making them more available in the UK.  Advice is free, just contact me anytime, I will be happy to help you.


Feedback from some of my satisfied customers.

Best cream I’ve ever used. Can literally see my flare ups disappearing before my eyes, when nothing else I have previously tried had worked ! Only downside is they arn’t sold in bigger tubes/tubs.

Sarah, Exeter

On my third order. I purchase for my partner, who is very pleased, as it has helped enormously with the terrible itching they have. I would recommend trying the products here if you suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis.

David, Swansea

Purchased for the second time as it is absolutely fantastic, it has cleared up my eczma covered hands a treat,  they promptly help with any queries you have, I would highly recommend the eczma cream and will be purchasing another, once this one is empty. 

Britney, Stockport

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions received

Yes, minimum age is 3 yrs and above.

Yes, but I recommend the Green or Purple tube creams.

Yes, but anywhere near eyes green or purple again as the menthol the yellow contains may make them runny

Yellow, or the pale green Creams

No, all natural Chinese ingredients.

Slightly different formulas from different regions of Chinese culture 
Yellow is called Quicaogangmu Caoben Yijun Rugao
Pale green is called  Miao Yao Qi Jang Jing

It is not recommended

Apply thinly to affected area 2-3 times per day until healing has occurred, then continue for a further week. Recommended cycle is 2-3 tubes.

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